Star Fox Command Turns 10 Today!

Today, August 28th, marks the 10th anniversary for the North American release of Star Fox Command. Star Fox Command is the fifth game in the series with Fox McCloud as it's main protagonist.  The game was also the first in the series that had online functionalities. The story of the game was met with some harsh criticism, fans did not like the idea of General Pepper dying, Slippy and Falco leaving the team, and a relationship quarrel with Krystal that is ultimately resolved by the end of the game. Another issue for the game was the controls, to roll the ship and slide it from one side of the screen to the other. The player had to use the stylus and slide it along the screen, needless to say that some players had great difficulty flying the ship in combat, my younger brother included. Overall, Star Fox Command received praise from most media outlets at the time, it sold very well too. Star Fox Command sold 20,000 units on its first day in Japan, and in the United States. it was the 5th best seller.

We all love the original team, these promos for Star Fox on the Super Nintendo were like nothing we had seen before.