Tales of Ilysia: a fresh start to a year filled with loss and heartbreak.

Tales Of Ilysia (360).png

We at Team 21 Studio have been very hard at work over the past year on Tales of Ilysia, a multiplayer online vr rpg. We have brought on a programer to the team, and since we have done so, our team has made leaps and bounds in our progress of TOI. What started as a single player RPG has turned into a multiplayer online experience.

Team 21 Studio was founded by three brothers, and July of 2018, we lost our father. It was an incredibly devastating event that lead to a lot of projects being put on hold, and even more self reflection. After a 3 month hiatus, we decided to revive an idea for an RPG that we came up with in early 2016 before we had even begun to think of Fat Foods. Speaking of Fat Foods, we had begun rebuilding Fat Foods into something more than it was, a single player comedy platformer game, the likes of Gex Enter the Gecko, but as time went on, we were losing focus and the love for the game was fading. After a break to brainstorm ideas and build demos for perspective games, we decided upon an Online Vr RPG, and after a year of production, we are finally reaching a point where we can safely say that we are ready to give crowd funding a shot. Tales of Ilysia will release despite the results of the Kickstarter campaign, but what a successful campaign could do for the team is bring in funds that would allow members to take time off from work to get some things built for the launch of the game, things that would otherwise have to wait to be updated into the game at a later date.

I hope everyone loves what we have been building, thank you for taking the time to read this.