Update on Fat Foods


The past week has been up and down. Fat Foods has been in and out of review by both Steam and Oculus, both asking for slight revisions, the most annoying coming from Oculus, stating that the game is "too difficult". So, whatever, Cuphead is notoriously hard, I assume at some point someone would have  questioned the difficulty but

decided it fit the game. Which is what I decided for Fat Foods, I wanted it to be difficult, but fun. Sadly, Oculus does not have the same person test your game each time, the first time it went through review, the tester loved it, but had me fix some font that had wandered off the screen. So I fixed it, and sent it back through, only to be told the game was too difficult. Talk about a pain, so the first level had platforms added to it to allow for an easier play-through, and after it's published, I'll set it back to a slightly higher difficulty, I do not think the game should be impossible to complete, but that you should feel satisfaction for completing a difficult level.

    Onto updates though, Alexander is making great progress on his project, a game released last week that slightly discouraged him from what he was doing, but is right back on track. And as I had said before, it is gorgeous.

   I myself have been continuing work on my next game, I am trying to refine the process of having one player using the HMD (Oculus or Vive) while the second plays using the PC monitor and a controller or mouse/keyboard combo. So far it is fun, I have a huge beast controlled by the second user that hunts the first user, while the first user is in the HMD trying to hide and get to the goal (whatever that will be), it is still a work in progress, and I am very excited to continue working on it.

   At some point, I would love to make a platformer, something that feels like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or Crash Bandicoot (or a combination of them all).