Team 21 Studio is located in both Austin, Texas and Aiken, South Carolina. We are a small indie game studio, specializing in virtual reality and augmented reality. We are currently working on our latest game, Tales of Ilysia, a VR MMORPG out Winter 2019.

About Our Team Members

Alexander Fogle

Xander Fogle

Owner / Programmer / Designer

Xander Fogle is the co-owner of Team 21 Studio, he has a love of RPGs, MMORPGs, and Adventure games. Xander began a love of VR game development in 2017 when he began work on his first game Fat Foods.


Arthur Fogle

Owner / Designer / 3D Modeler

Arthur Fogle is the other co-owner of Team 21 Studio, his favorite game genres include, Action / Adventure, Platformers, RPGs, and MMORPGs. Arthur assisted in the development of the VR game Fat Foods and Team 21 Studio’s current project Tales of Ilysia.


Geoffrey Fogle

3D Modeler / Animator

Geoffrey has been an active 3D modeler since he was 9 years old, he has the youngest of the three Fogle brothers, but is the strongest modeler and animator on the team. His favorite game genres include Platformers, Action / Adventure, RPGs, and Strategy.


Alex Ponce


Alex is the newest addition to Team 21 Studio. He is located in Austin, Texas. Alex is an avid programmer, photographer, and videographer.